The Silver Tongue (Paperback)

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The Silver Tongue Cover Image


Cornelius, the silver-tongued Prince of Marzine, speaks like he's trying to save his life. And suddenly, he is. He's taken from his bed in the dead of night by revolutionaries looking for a way to stop Marzine's oppressive rule. They whisk him away from all he's ever known on a ship incorrectly named, The Vault of Heaven, and he wakes to an entire world beyond Palace Marzine's obsidian wall. And an entire crew he has to charm to keep his head on his shoulders. It comes down to these five: Lara, the crew's land navigator and a girl with a heart for wanderlust, Captain Murray, a stoic mariner who sees beyond the superficial, Pia Reyes, a retired soldier whose soul smolders with the desire for justice, Mikka Savva, a haunted sharpshooter and the leader of the pack, and finally, underestimated as he is, Rodrigo Reyes, twin brother of Pia and the crew's cook. Soon, Cornelius' capture is reduced to a social game of chance, and no one will leave The Vault of Heaven in one piece.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781631321450
ISBN-10: 1631321455
Publisher: Advanced Publishing LLC
Publication Date: August 27th, 2021
Pages: 358
Language: English