The City of Snow & Stars: Cities of Wintenaeth Book One (Paperback)

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The City of Snow & Stars: Cities of Wintenaeth Book One By S. D. Howard Cover Image


A gritty YA Christian Fantasy tackling difficult topics surrounding abuse, human trafficking, and the question "Why does God let bad things happen?"

Trinia's Gift is the ability to duplicate herself perfectly in mind and body yet, every time she uses it, she feels like she loses another piece of her soul. Her abusive and power-hungry father, Caderyn, wishes to exploit her gift to create an army that obeys his command and rebuild the Airg d Empire that fell a thousand years before.

Going on the run, Trinia seeks out the aid of the kingdoms that destroyed her people. When things don't go as planned, she's forced into trusting a failed mage, a man of legend with a vendetta, and a talking wolf to help her reach her goal by making a promise she isn't sure she can keep.

As she wrestles with the ghosts of her past trauma and new ones that keep piling up, Trinia begins to wonder where the justice is in it all, and whether she has what it takes to stop her father and save her people.

How far would you run to escape your future?


Filled with sweeping landscapes, terrifying creatures, and incredible legends, Wintenaeth is a land held together by a fragile peace. After the fall of the Old Airg d Empire, four kingdoms rose from the ashes and now rule, but the Airg d are not gone, nor have they forgotten what was done to them.

The City of Snow & Stars is book one in the Cities of Wintenaeth Trilogy and the first in a larger story which takes place over the twelve books planned in the series.

If you love The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, or epic fantasy, you'll love this book.

Grab your copy and join the growing community of readers

"The City of Snow & Stars is a fast-paced, skillfully crafted story that will leave readers wanting to read the next book in the series." - Romuald Dzemo, Reviewer at Reader's Favorite

Product Details
ISBN: 9781636766256
ISBN-10: 1636766250
Publisher: New Degree Press
Publication Date: December 7th, 2020
Pages: 370
Language: English