Storm of Giants: Book 1: Kamiko Hoshi (Paperback)

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Storm of Giants: Book 1: Kamiko Hoshi By Dk Raney Cover Image


The kingdom of Cairistonia is ancient and powerful, considered by many to be at the height of her glory. The people have never enjoyed wealth and comfort of such quality and substance as now. A disciplined stoic peace permeates the vast kingdom, but it is only an illusion, for the fear of God has been all but forgotten in the realm.

Kamiko Hoshi, legendary warrior of the sisterhood of the Order and lieutenant marshal in the king's service, is home from traveling the lands far to the east. The prophet Djinnasee, said to be older than the kingdom itself, awaits her and binds her with a quest--Kamiko will deliver Siruis of Marjan, a young oracle of the Order, to the throne room, where she will convey a message to King Titus.

The fall of mighty Cairistonia has been marked. Portents and stories of odd visions follow in the young seer's wake. They sweep across the kingdom to arrive at the king's ear, much distorted but resonating with that single devastating message. Is the girl truly a prophet of God, or do the common rumors ring with truth, steeped as they are in sorcery and dark power?

Kamiko must realize it is her own crucible she will face in the months to follow, her own trial by fire. For into her hand will come fierce power. Yet as Kamiko comes to know her young charge, she understands that legend counts for nothing. Kamiko Hoshi is only a small thing, standing in the shadow of giants.

And a storm is descending.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781638815495
ISBN-10: 1638815496
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: January 10th, 2022
Pages: 410
Language: English