Hide & Seek: There's No Truth in Fear (Paperback)


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For nearly fifty years Todd Kane played a complex and exhausting game of HIDE & SEEK with the truth. This father, veteran, entrepreneur, philanthropist and now author hid past experiences and his sexuality for reasons he couldn't fully explain until now.

Significant life altering events tested an already wavering faith in a man too familiar with fear. Todd lived in the mind and eyes of others adapting his behavior to please those around him. A shape shifter and at times an imposter he found it increasingly difficult to speak and live his truth.

From our learned experiences, our choices are shaped, and yet we can be completely unaware of their effects on us. If this is the case, are our choices authentically our own? Are they made with aspirations, dreams, and a pursuit of happiness or adversely influenced by fearful experiences in our past?

Todd Kane has always been a skilled storyteller- weaving together versions of himself to fabricate a variant that everyone would love even at the expense of his authenticity.

As a teenager exploring his sexuality, Kane was overcome by fear, along with most as the AIDS epidemic shocked the world. A choice was made, and his truth suppressed that would never lose it's power, only it's voice.

Kane shares his experiences through many historical milestones in modern gay culture, beginning with the AIDS epidemic then on to Don't Ask Don't Tell, gay marriage, hook-up sites, and the introduction of PrEP. He does so from a unique perspective and candor filled with lessons we all can benefit from.

After the end of his second marriage, this time to a man, Kane comes face to face with the one thing unique to every challenge in his life--his truth.

In this book, Kane chooses to bring together the authentic pieces of himself as he beautifully weaves the truth into the tapestry of his life's story. He patches holes created by trauma, fear, and lies to reveal a work of art that is uniquely him and displays it for us all to learn from and share.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781641842228
ISBN-10: 1641842229
Publisher: Kane Enterprises, Inc.
Publication Date: December 19th, 2019
Pages: 232
Language: English