The Face Book: Functional and Cosmetic Excellence in Orthodontics (Hardcover)

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The Face Book: Functional and Cosmetic Excellence in Orthodontics By L. Douglas Knight Cover Image


When most people think of orthodontic care, they imagine straightening teeth and braces or clear aligners. In this era of -it-yourself orthodontics, they might even think of mail-away retainers that don't even require you to set foot inside an office. But there is so much more to orthodontic care than that. In this book, Dr. Douglas L. Knight educates patients on why orthodontic care is so much more important and comprehensive that most understand.

The FACE Method is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to keeping your entire body healthy, with an emphasis placed on the face. It is different from traditional care in that it includes setting goals around aesthetics, airway, long-term stability, TMJ, jaw function, periodontal health, and more. This sets patients up for the best possible long-term outcomes and a functional mouth for the rest of their lives. Problems like crooked teeth or TMJ can be affected by other body systems that need to be addressed, not just solved temporarily with a quick fix. FACE-trained orthodontists don't just care about aesthetics or have the singular goal to straighten teeth. They solve the fundamental, underlying issues and have a goal-oriented approach that considers the health of the entire person, valuing long-term, stable outcomes. This is the kind of all-inclusive care adults and children deserve.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781642256208
ISBN-10: 164225620X
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 162
Language: English