The Story Of Creation: The Revelations Of Connie Ann Valenti (Paperback)

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The Story Of Creation: The Revelations Of Connie Ann Valenti By Monsignor Ronald P. Lengwin, Connie Ann Valenti (As Told by) Cover Image


Most people are fascinated by the mysteries woven into every aspect of life - and into every part of The Story of Creation. This attraction originates with The One, the Creator of all life. The One is the master of divine and eternal mystery. Some of these mysteries can only be understood through divine revelation, often through inspiration and faith, and when the time is right to divulge parts of the Divine Plan.

Life in the heavens existed long before the creation of Earth. Lucifer, the archangel, had a very important role in that spiritual realm; but he was cut and fell to an Earth designated as his princely dominion. This realm has become a battleground between angels who assist Lucifer and those who support the Heavenly Father. These angels interact with Lucifer, the Heavenly Father, and we humans in very different ways. These are only a few of the many mysteries revealed in The Story of Creation.

The clarification and understanding of the Divine Plan divulged in The Story of Creation lights the way towards redemption and salvation. It clarifies the purpose of life, nurturing us wholly, even as the world moves ever closer to the end times when Lucifer loses all his power and is defeated by Michael the Archangel, whose own origin is revealed here for the first time in history. You will be surprised, amazed, enlightened, and uplifted by the revelations contained herein.

The Story of Creation provides answers to many questions posed by those seeking to understand life's most intriguing mysteries.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781645157908
ISBN-10: 1645157903
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: August 27th, 2019
Pages: 142
Language: English