Chinese Paintings by Sue Shiao-Ying Hsu (Vol. 1): 蔣孝瑛畫集──鳥語花香(&#1997 (Paperback)

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Chinese Paintings by Sue Shiao-Ying Hsu (Vol. 1): 蔣孝瑛畫集──鳥語花香(ߍ By Shiao-Ying Chiang Hsu, 蔣孝瑛 Cover Image



畫作 1天下第一聲/Cock-doo-dle-doo/44H x 29W inch

畫作 2單鶴/Single Crane/18H x 27W inch

畫作 3小鴨子/Ducklings/21H x 21W inch

畫作 4小鳥枝頭(梅花雙鳥)/Plum Flower and Birds/16H x 33W inch

畫作 5春天到了/Hurray Spring is Here /15H x 20W inch

畫作 6松鳥/Pine and Bird/13H x 23W inch

畫作 7碧荷翠鳥/Lotus and Birds/18H x 27W inch

畫作 8松鶴(歸鶴)/Longevity/30H x 50W inch

畫作 9自由/Freedom/20H x 27W inch

畫作 10芭蕉與鳥/Palm and sparrows/28H x 27W inch

畫作 11棕櫚與鳥/Coir palm and blue birds/31H x 43W inch

畫作 12聽訓/Listening to lecture/32H x 12W inch

畫作 13開會/Reunion/51H x 22W inch

畫作 14雙燕/Swallows/24H x 44H inch

畫作 15雙鶴/Two Cranes/19H x 31W inch

畫作 16驚喜/A Happy Catch/17H x 22W inch

畫作 17誰把樹葉都染紅/Maple and Blue Bird/18H x 27W inch

畫作 18黑鳥木棉/Black Bird/15H x 22W inch

畫作 19鵲報春曉/Morning Call/18H x 27W inch

畫作 20豐年/A Year of Abundance/16H x 20W inch

畫作 21天趣/Heavenly Beauty23H x 23W inch

畫作 22鷹/Eagle On Rock/39H x 28W inch

畫作 23二君子/Bamboo & Chrysanthemum/18H x 27W inch

畫作 24木棉麻雀/Sparrow Apricot/15H x 22W inch

畫作 25楓葉雙雀/Maple and Birds/18H x 27W inch

畫作 26鳥語花香/Spring Visitors/19H x 41W inch

畫作 27紅牡丹/RED Peony/18H x 24W inch

畫作 28一葉知秋/The Signal of Autumn/16H x 20W inch

畫作 29石蘭/Orchid/17H x 45W inch

畫作 30清趣/Natural Beauty/18H x 21W inch

畫作 31競艷/Beauty Contest/33H x 21W inch

畫作 32竹林雙雀/Sparrows and Bamboo/19H x 60W inch

畫作 33竹林/Bamboo Forest/29H x 31W inch

畫作 34紫牡丹 蜜蜂/Purple Peony and B


Product Details
ISBN: 9781647845230
ISBN-10: 1647845238
Publisher: Ehgbooks
Publication Date: November 1st, 2013
Pages: 40
Language: Chinese