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Oneness of Heart (Paperback)


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Oneness of Heart isn't just the most effective operating mindset for any organization but a way of life. While organizations must always rethink strategies, adapt internal structures, and adjust traditional perspectives, the accelerating pace of global competition and technological advancements demand most focus on the central critical advantage of corporate value - their associates. The ultimate goal of any business is not providing the most value for anyone associated with a company but raising the most value in everyone associated with a company. No better example exists representing this concept than a small electronics contract manufacturing company called Quality Manufacturing Services, Inc. This book stands apart from other efforts through not just proposing principled theories but actual success of application. By concentrating every resource towards maximizing each individual's potential, growth and profit is the natural result. Focus brings first success to associates, your most important asset. By contrast, a Separation of Heart organization maintains individual power concentration and division, not growth of the whole team for customer benefit. Oneness of heart elevates increasing mutual value with each exchange developed during professional partnership growth.

While many business studies present theoretical approaches to corporate operations and optimization, this book presents practical real world advice and application in a conversational voice. Recommendations of what to do and what not to do are presented in the clearest possible terms for anyone to understand and apply regardless of business experience. Structured in two parts, the first section provides a biographical development of Quality Manufacturing Services along with the challenges, obstacles, learning opportunities, and their use to progress towards the existence of today's success. The second section provides principled direction necessary to pursue, achieve, and maintain a Oneness of Heart culture. Entrepreneurs just starting out and unaware of necessary first steps beyond the legal and mechanical requirements of starting a business will find valuable insight guiding the formation of a successful organization. Established business owners or leaders will also gain tremendous benefit to compare their own current perceptions and improvement opportunities falling short of Oneness of Heart. The proven experience of reality will challenge anyone thinking about or already launching their own organization.

Every organization understanding and applying the Oneness of Heart approach maintains three characteristics as unmoving foundations and one cannot exist without the other two: Mutual Respect, Humble Gratitude, and Disciplined Accountability. These features are joined through an unbroken, common thread of continuous learning improvement. When plans go as expected, the entire organization exerts enough control to identify, measure, and improve upon what was learned. When strategies fall short of intended goals, the team unites to identify what went wrong, how to fix the process, and prevent future reoccurrences. If associates do not respect one another, neither will customers respect your organization. Associates must maintain humble gratitude and exist in a state of unending appreciation for the value elevation attempt of the organization and customer. If associates do not maintain humble gratitude, your organization shuts down learning what customers define as their expectations. If you do not exist in state of constant reception to your customer's needs, they will find someone who does. Disciplined accountability is necessary to preserve your organization's trustworthiness and character.

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ISBN: 9781648830327
ISBN-10: 1648830323
Publisher: Totalrecall Publications
Publication Date: October 20th, 2020
Pages: 260
Language: English