Data Analysis for Corporate Finance: Building financial models using SQL, Python, and MS PowerBI (Paperback)

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Data Analysis for Corporate Finance: Building financial models using SQL, Python, and MS PowerBI Cover Image


Have you ever tried to learn to code or to use advanced visualization tools? If so, I am sure you know how daunting it is to learn by yourself.

Generally, tools and books follow an encyclopedism approach, i.e., books attempt to teach every feature about a coding language or tool. This implies hundreds, if not thousands of pages simply to tackle a single topic, whether SQL, Python, MS Excel, MS PowerBI, you name it. The journey from zero to hero to become proficient using numerical and visualization tools to take your career to the next level becomes an ordeal that requires years and thousands of pages just to begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together. However, the reality is that you do not need to learn absolutely every available feature to use those tools and deliver a superior project.

Rather than teaching you about the forest, I will discuss specific trees. Why? Because once you become familiar and confident nurturing a few trees, growing a forest becomes a simple process of planting new trees. This book provides the fundamental blocks so that you can learn about financial data science and take these tools and start using them tomorrow. The scope of the selected tools will empower you to see a considerable improvement in your financial modeling skills.

The book is designed to provide corporate finance professionals the ability to start immediately using advance tools for concrete real-world tasks.

Therefore, this book is all about functionalism. It is about providing you with tools that will put you to work and dramatically change the way you analyze data. Once you see the benefits, it will become natural to keep expanding your domain knowledge, leveraging today's endless available educational resources.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781649527219
ISBN-10: 1649527217
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: September 21st, 2021
Pages: 522
Language: English