Gaslighting: Rebuild Your Life After Emotional Abuse: How to Spot and Tackle a Narcissist, Evade the Gaslight Effect, and Recover F (Paperback)


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Gaslighting: Rebuild Your Life After Emotional Abuse: How to Spot and Tackle a Narcissist, Evade the Gaslight Effect, and Recover F Cover Image
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Self-Doubt, Mental Breakdown and Psychological abuse are some of the consequences of Gaslighting.

Do you wonder "Am I going crazy"?

You are not

Gaslighting can affect anyone in several subtle ways. It might be too late when you find yourself with low self-esteem, isolated and confused. With several abusive manipulation tactics, a Gaslighter can make you question your reality and accept theirs. As a victim, you start feeling uncertain of the smallest situations, doubting your own actions and personality. What you should know, is that there are ways to shut down gaslighting effect, either if you choose to evade or live with a narcissist.

In this book you will discover:
  • Specific reasons why Gaslighting can be dangerous

  • The ways the Narcissist can take possession of your mind

  • How Gaslighting can be hidden in several circumstances and environments
  • The most powerful ways to disarm a narcissist and coping strategies
  • Ways to shut down manipulation in its infancy
  • How to get your self-esteem back
  • Consequences of choosing to live with a Gaslighter
  • Important strategies in order to restore your life and build confidence back

Important facts:

When feeling mentally abused, it might take a while before you actually understand it is time to face the problem and seek for support. You may be struggling with a lack of confidence and probably question yourself over anything you say, think and do. What you need to know, is that the environment around you can be the cause of it, and you slowly fall victim of something completely unknown and unexpected, such as gaslighting.

Even if you believe there's no way out, consider whether or not you should really, logically be doubting yourself and with this book you can find several ways to get better, be in charge of yourself and break free

Remember: Your life IS in your own hands

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781655574085
ISBN-10: 1655574086
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 6th, 2020
Pages: 204
Language: English