Revelation Now: JESUS LORD OF LORDS KING OF KINGS God's Important Historical Record of World Events (Paperback)

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Revelation Now: JESUS LORD OF LORDS KING OF KINGS God's Important Historical Record of World Events By M. E. Tompkins Cover Image


"Oh no... not another book on Revelation " This might be your thought and outcry when seeing one more account and interpretation of John's record of Jesus's revelation to him in 96 A.D. However, much of our common dismay with the book of Revelation comes from the fact that most people who read Revelation find it extremely convoluted and difficult to reach an understanding of the text. This is largely due to the fault of various views and misconceptions long popular in our modern age, all which tend to confuse the book of Revelation even further for new readers. In author M.E. Tompkins's Revelation Now, readers find a revolutionary new vision of the book of Revelation, hinged on the realization that it was written symbolically from Revelation 4:1 - Revelation 20:15, with limited literalism, and must be approached for interpretation with that realization in mind. These illuminating pages shed fresh, bright light on God's "Scheme of Redemption" for all mankind, seen within the description of these disastrous biblical events. In addition, the author highlights how some of these events work into the natural world, both negative and positive, for a better recognition of God, His children, and mankind. Finally, the book breaks down the four most popular differing viewpoints regarding Revelation today, from symbolic views to "Dispensational Premillennialism," and more, all to open readers' eyes as to why they have so often been deceived about the contents of Revelation, until now. As a former preacher and singer M.E. Tompkins has been involved in a goodly number of works for Christ. Of these revivals, crusades and teaching were his favorites, all promoting personal evangelism. He and his wife Wanni have been married for 66 years and have seven wonderful children, all of whom are born-again believers in Christ. In his words, "We are blessed beyond measure." Amen Thankfulness Is given to my son Paul for his work of helping me to structure this book. His was a labor of love.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781662877322
ISBN-10: 1662877323
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: August 9th, 2023
Pages: 198
Language: English