Jesus' Every Word and Deed: Readers' Theatre Version (Paperback)

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Jesus' Every Word and Deed: Readers' Theatre Version By John C. Burkhalter Cover Image


This "Readers Theater" version of Jesus' Every Word and Deed, separates the various roles for groups to interactively verbalize the complete life of Jesus using only the exact words from the Bible, which is woven to seamlessly read like a book.

This extraordinary work combines the four unique eyewitness accounts of Jesus' life into a single, unified and harmonious narrative of Jesus' Every Word and Deed. Fifty-nine Old Testament prophecies are also included where fulfilled in Jesus' life.

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council in Washington, DC states: "Finally there is a resource that combines the four Gospels into one continuous and compelling account that makes the story of Jesus even more accessible to those who seek Him. Additionally, Old Testament prophecies that foretell Christ's words and deeds are inserted in a way that enriches the whole and everything is color coded for easy identification. I commend John Burkhalter for his labor intensive effort that promises much reward for those who engage it."

Casual readers, students and scholars alike will enjoy this easy to read but comprehensive work that offers insights for everyone. The entire teachings and actions of Jesus are recorded in Jesus' Every Word and Deed, Readers Theatre Version, which is a companion to the original book Jesus' Every Word and Deed, Woven From the Scriptures. A mirrored Scripture Reference Section is available in a the back of the original book and its' eBook which shows where every word is found by book, chapter and verse. That eBook version also allows the reader to easily toggle back and forth between the book and referencesections.

No "artistic license" is taken and the entirety of the work stands alone in describing the acts, wisdom, and teachings of Jesus in a complete yet concise format.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781664244214
ISBN-10: 1664244212
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Date: August 26th, 2022
Pages: 196
Language: English