Covert Spies & Surveillance files (Paperback)

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Covert Spies & Surveillance files By Jeff Damulira Cover Image


Covert spies and surveillance files is looking from a different angles on the dimensions of the shrouded secrecy of the shadows of different government from across the world. Extrapolation of the contextualisation of " national security" and " benefit for the country", while looking at the variables of covert operations, which is anthesis to the context of "benign" promises. Though, observing the different types of spying such as counterespionage to resolve conflict, spies with no nefarious intention against citizens, with only amassing intelligence gathering on different government.This ebook is unconventional to the framework of espionage and double spies of wartime periods, as some elements is analyzing certain segments of the sinister compartments of secret police forces, military intelligence agencies and private organisations. During the Stasi era of East Germany, Ministry of State Security was an active secret police force in 1980's, prior to the fall of Berlin Wall. During the crescendo of acrimony in Ugandan civil wars in 1970's, there were an clandestine organisation of the State Research Bureau, which was facilitated by Idi Amin.The surveillance technology has become more sophisticated over the following decades of late 20th century til early 21st century, as former FBI supervisor Ted Gunderson has stated in his affidavit.
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ISBN: 9781678042790
ISBN-10: 167804279X
Publication Date: February 9th, 2022
Pages: 34
Language: English