The Official MacGyver Survival Manual: 155 Ways to Save the Day (Hardcover)

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The  Official MacGyver Survival Manual: 155 Ways to Save the Day By Dr. Rhett Allain, Peter M. Lenkov (Foreword by), Lucas Till (Introduction by) Cover Image
By Dr. Rhett Allain, Peter M. Lenkov (Foreword by), Lucas Till (Introduction by)


155 field-tested hacks, tips, and on-the-fly solutions for the next time you're captured by Russian spies.

For over 30 years, the name MacGyver has been synonymous with astonishing feats of ingenuity, from fixing a car with nothing but water and egg whites to busting out of jail using a hairpin and a pair of repurposed handcuffs to, of course, saving the world with his favorite weapon, a simple paperclip.

What you might not know is that every trick that the resourceful secret agent pulls off on CBS’s hit show has been tested and fact-checked by experts, and really works . . . most of the time. No one is saying that you should craft a DIY airplane out of trash bags and a lawnmower engine. But with this book, you could.

The first official how-to guide to the MacGyver universe, this book is packed with how-to drawings and step-by-step descriptions of the hacks that made this character the world’s most resourceful secret agent. Based on the hit new series, with shout-outs to the classic show that started it all.

Each section introduced by Dr. Rhett Alain, the show’s resident physicist, who helps ensure the show’s science is based in . . . something resembling reality.

Full-color photos illustrate Angus MacGyver in his element (which is to say, danger!), and illustrated how-to drawings show exactly how it was done. The best hacks to try at home for yourself are highlighted (as well the ones you really, really should never do without a team of physicists and a first aid kit handy). So grab a paper clip, a pen knife, and some duct tape and prepare to save the day!

Contents include: 

Breaking In + Out: Dozens of hacks for when you’re in a tight spot—or want to get closer to one, including:

Break Out of Handcuffs Using a Hairpin
Using a Toothbrush to Pick a Lock
Detect an Intruder
Make a Battering Ram
Cut Through Steel
Escape from Zip Ties or Duct Tape
Use Vacuums to Scale a Wall, Spidey-Style

Tools + Technology: Making the most of what you’ve got on hand, in the most unexpected of ways, including:

Make a Stove from a Soup Can
Tie Essential Knots
Light a Fire with a Battery
The Science of Stun Guns
Build a Drone
Fake a Crime Scene
Make Buckets of Fake Blood
Could I Do That? Rig a Spy Microphone
Lift a Fingerprint

Traps + Getaways: Lure the bad guys in, then get out of Dodge! 

Catch Bad Guy in a Net
Tie Them Up with a Tarp
Stop a Car with a Piece of Paper
Boobytrap a Manhole
Burn Your Bridges
Steal a Car
Set a Tripwire
Fly Away with Balloons
Fake a Parachute

Repairs + Rescues: When the chips are down and the stakes are big, it’s time for the really wild stuff, including:

Make a Flour Bomb
Patch a Gun Shot Wound with a Credit Card
Put Out Fire with Sound Waves
Transport Explosives Safely
Make a Generator from Your Mope
Product Details
ISBN: 9781681884349
ISBN-10: 1681884348
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication Date: September 17th, 2019
Pages: 208
Language: English