The Lost Secret of Speaking Perfect English: The Moving Mouth Dictionary (Paperback)

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The Lost Secret of Speaking Perfect English: The Moving Mouth Dictionary Cover Image


Do you want to learn The Lost Secret of Speaking Perfect English?

The Moving Mouth Dictionary technique provides a very simple approach to perfecting English speaking and pronunciation.

The book takes a down-to-earth approach for speaking clear English, as it breathes some fresh air into the stuffy corridors of academic learning. It is geared to help students and business people speak impressive and naturally clear English, taking much of the guessing out of pronunciation and spelling.

English will become more of a physical activity, rather than a cerebral academic subject. The key is in identifying and improving specifi c types of reverse and forward mouth movements, actions based on using simple vertical mouth movement notations that have simple associations with key phonetics sounds for specifi c letters. The technique's forward and reverse mouth movements combined with a natural English rhythm also helps trigger and access vocabulary and verbs, while aiding in word retention, fl uency and auto correcting.

The book features a dictionary of over 11,000 words, including some of the most diffi cult words in the English language, which have been broken down, putting these notations into "mouthables." The process draws heavily on early humans' natural ability to howl and growl, using their mouths vertically. Hence, the lost connection between our near ancestors can aid our ability to speak clear English, an ability we have lost and need to rediscover.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Originally from the Yorkshire Dales in England, Peter F. Bulmer developed his presentational skills as a marketing and export director traveling and selling to different cultures throughout the world. Now retired and based in Europe, he still coaches bankers, consultants, and marketing people in perfecting their English presentation and communication skills.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781682355770
ISBN-10: 1682355772
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LL
Publication Date: November 12th, 2021
Pages: 434
Language: English