IP Subnetting for Dummies: 7 Steps To Understand IP Subnetting In Simple Terms, Bonus Subnetting Calculator (Paperback)

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IP Subnetting for Dummies: 7 Steps To Understand IP Subnetting In Simple Terms, Bonus Subnetting Calculator By Mike Blackbot Cover Image


Are you ready to learn a quick subnetting?
Are you ready to learn how to create & and play with ip subnets and its maths?

Regardless of how little experience you may have, if you are a knowledge-seeking person and want to learn about subnetting, follow us as you are at the right place to learn.

This is your ultimate guideline to gaining the knowledge to pass all networking exams like CCNA, HCNA, CompTIA A+, and achieve success in your university subject

There are millions of other networking guides, tutorials and research papers out there but most of them are unclear, complicated and wordy.

That's why we are now offering you a piece of writing which is easy to follow and will help you know how to get started in IP Subnetting with 7 steps:

- STEP 1: Understanding IP address classes and subnet mask

Introduction about internet protocol addresses version 4 and version 6 (IPv4 & IPv6)

- STEP 2: Explanation, binary mathematical equations, and hexadecimal math

(with examples from decimal to binary conversion, binary to hexadecimel conversion and binary to decimal conversion in easy 5 steps)

- STEP 3: What is subnetting and why we need to use subnets?

+ A brief and explanatory introduction of subnetting

+ 3 important reasons for choosing subnetting

+ Very simple way to understand subnetting

+ IPv4 subnetting on the basis of their classes (class A/B/C) in 6 simple steps with illutration tables

- STEP 4: Subnetting CIDR

+ Importance of subnetting and CIDR notation & networking terminologies

+ Step by step to do CIDR notation uses in IP classes


- STEP 6: Subnetting and supernetting

Variable-length subnet mask VLSM and supernetting route summarization

- STEP 7: Step by step to add an IP address and subnetworks to a CISCO Router


Cheatsheets, easy way to learn subnetting from tables (subnetting calculator)

Tips & tricks to use while subnetting.

And Much, Much More GRAB NOW

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Publication Date: November 7th, 2019
Pages: 68
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