How to Manipulate People: The Psychology of How to Manipulate and Influence Anyone Using the Power of Persuasion (Paperback)


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How to Manipulate People: The Psychology of How to Manipulate and Influence Anyone Using the Power of Persuasion Cover Image


Have you ever bought something, and later you find out that you don't need them? Guess what The salesman manipulated you into buying it. These are mind control skills people learn, and you too can master it and will never fall victim again

This is a two-sided coin, mastering these skills will help you stay alert on business negotiations in your favor and making personal decisions instead of allowing people to influence or persuade you in doing them, it is a win-win game

Manipulation is something that happens every day of our lives; from friends, business partners, relationships, family members and even children do it unconsciously when they want something from their parents, "No harm intended." just a way people try to get what they want by influencing your decision. Anytime you make a decision based on someone's opinion and regret afterward, you have been manipulated. All you need is simply learning how to influence people by understanding and applying the psychology of manipulating and influencing anyone using the power of persuasion.

Do you want to learn how to influence people through persuasion?

Then, you need "How to Manipulate People": The Psychology of How to Manipulate and Influence Anyone Using the Power of Persuasion by Maxwell Nelson, is the recommended book for you.

You can get whatever you have decided to achieve in life if you will only learn the act of manipulating people by persuasion using two powerful and pragmatic bullets, which are logic and emotions. Manipulation by logic is simply the act of expressing your ideas clearly and succinctly using specific facts and figures that may be very rational, realistic, and sensible and then persuading people to oblige and co-operate. In most cases, despite the rationality behind your ideas and facts, people may not oblige to it.

Emotional appeal is the best way to pass our ideas onto others and get them to respond immediately and positively. If you can speed read a person's mind and thoughts using their body language positions at a given time, you will be able to preempt the actions. This skill will enable you to persuade them using their emotional circumstances carefully. Human beings have been regarded as emotional beings. Therefore, your ability in using the psychological ambience to influence a person is a great virtue, which high-skilled manipulators possess. This book will also teach you other ways of influencing a person to get what you want such as:
  1. Manipulative looks and stares
  2. Shouting down on someone or yelling
  3. Manipulations by avoiding you at all means
  4. Preferential or silent treatment
  5. Playing on the emotions
  6. Cold behaviors
  7. Unduly obstinate and difficult
  8. Unnecessary deadline pressures
  9. Suspending sex, food, and other gratifications
  10. Unsolicited gifts, treats, and favors
  11. Manipulation using compliments and flattery
An Exceptional Manual on How to Manipulate People This helpful book is written to enlighten you on how to always have your way by influencing people tactically through persuasion as you associate with others every day. Other useful ideas available for you in this book are
  • Ways to Manipulate and Persuade People
  • The Necessary Steps to Use in Manipulating People
  • How to Manipulate people using Your Body Language
  • Ensuring Your Manipulative Traits are not Exposed
  • And many other vital ideas that can help you in getting whatever you want from anybody
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ISBN: 9781718764996
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Publication Date: May 7th, 2018
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