What I Like about This...Book of Positive Aspects: 100 Days of Positive Thinking - Dancing Couple (Paperback)

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What I Like about This...Book of Positive Aspects: 100 Days of Positive Thinking - Dancing Couple By Simple Planners and Journals Cover Image


Just 17 Seconds. What Can This Journal Do For You? 100 Day Daily Journal of Positive Aspects What's Inside? Please use the handy "look inside" feature provided by Amazon.

Just a few minutes a day can be transformative to your every day life.
You are what you think about the most, so thinking positive thoughts, helps you to promote the positive aspects of your life.

I am a huge fan of Abraham-Hicks. They speak about the fact that in just 17 seconds a day you can change your alignment with the outcomes of your day. You can create your day and thus mold your life on a daily basis.

I created this journal so that over the period of 100 days you could check in with your self and form positive mental habits starting every morning.
You don't have to know anything about Abraham-Hicks to use this POWERFUL Journal

My journals are simple. I don't add fluff, because the experts have written reams of words on these topics. This journal is about ACTION.
So the day you start your journey the quicker you can get to a new improved YOU

Use this Journal to write and DOODLE about positve aspects of things around you. Reading and journaling about a positive affirmation you have heard.
Writing about an Abraham-Hicks Video or some quote from Tony Robbins, or Jack Canfield, or any of 100 positive mentors you have listened to can help create a positve day.

When you start every single day this way you can help your spirit grow by leaps and bounds.

By investing just a few minutes a day, you can over come so many obstales in your life.

This journal is very purposefully created to be simple and straight forward. You are busy and have so much going on in your life.

Just a few minutes can make all the difference in your day and pay off in bigdividends once the 100 days are completed.

This book is: 8.5" x 11"
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I have found it helps to go to a printer and have them cut the binding and punch holes in your pages.
Then you can put this into a notebook if you desire it to lay flat. You are 100% in control of that.

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ISBN: 9781718963450
ISBN-10: 1718963459
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 10th, 2018
Pages: 126
Language: English