Withering Wind from Arabia: The Story of the Followers of Christ Whose Countries Were Conquered by Islam (Paperback)

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Withering Wind from Arabia: The Story of the Followers of Christ Whose Countries Were Conquered by Islam By B. L. Turner Cover Image


When you read Withering Wind From Arabia, you will gain insight into the true nature of Islam from its own history and theology. The reader will be taken on a historical, geographical and theological travelogue, vividly covering both vast territory and centuries of time as it evaluates vital issues regarding Islam. This book is a "who's who" of many of the most important people and events which have brought the world to its current status.Withering Wind From Arabia gives a revealing explanation of many of the interrelationships between economics, politics, geography and theology in relation to Islam and presents an extensive account of triumphs and tragedies in Christians' encounters with Islam. It identifies many of the forces and circumstances shaping conditions which allowed Islam to emerge. It offers a panorama of the tug-of-war between religions, nationalities, race relations and economics-all related to the rise and continuance of Islam. It is a penetrating, ethical, moral and theological survey which makes complicated issues clear. It will help the reader understand Islam's past and its impact on the present.In addition, Withering Wind From Arabia provides a basis upon which to evaluate many of the most important issues in play in the current contest to lead world civilization, providing a solid basis upon which to anticipate Islam's future worldwide role. It is a resource book which will have relevance for generations to come.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781729260357
ISBN-10: 1729260357
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 31st, 2018
Pages: 580
Language: English