Tongue-Tied: How a Tiny String Under the Tongue Impacts Nursing, Speech, Feeding, and More (Hardcover)

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Tongue-Tied: How a Tiny String Under the Tongue Impacts Nursing, Speech, Feeding, and More Cover Image
By DMD Richard Baxter, Ma CCC-Slp Megan Musso (Contribution by), CCC-Slp Lauren Hughes (Contribution by)


Tongue-ties are little-understood birth defects that affect millions of people in the United States and around the world. A tongue-tie might cause a baby or child to experience difficulty nursing, speaking, or eating. Abnormal dental and facial development, neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches can also result if tongue ties are not addressed. The tiny string under the tongue is frequently misunderstood and misdiagnosed, perhaps because doctors and dentists are not usually taught to diagnose or treat it. This book reveals the long history of human experience with tongue ties. It covers the assessment techniques and treatment options available for tethered oral tissues in the 21st century, using a multi-disciplinary team approach. Patients' accounts of challenges and victories are woven into several of the chapters. The benefits of releasing restricted tongues can truly be life-changing for families. When diagnosed and treated appropriately by a knowledgeable team, tethered oral tissues can be released with minimal discomfort, risk, and expense, improving quality of life for millions of people who suffer needlessly.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732508217
ISBN-10: 1732508216
Publisher: Alabama Tongue-Tie Center
Publication Date: July 13th, 2018
Pages: 296
Language: English