Revelation's Dark Morning Star Rising (Paperback)

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Revelation's Dark Morning Star Rising By Gregory John Cover Image


The book of Revelation speaks of strange beasts and strange wonders, including strange fire falling from heaven in the last days.

In a world where faith in the Bible is seen as foolishness and seeing is justification for believing, many, including Christians, are ripe for Satan's end-time deceptions--false signs and wonders--that will lead the world to perdition by way of worshipping the beast and its image (Revelation 14:9-12).

Revelation's Dark Morning Star Rising, not only reveals study principles for understanding the Bible's end-time predictions, but also casts a light on some of Satan's grand and final deceptions yet to come upon our world.

On a deeper level, it looks at two distinctive faiths that are poised to play influential and opposing roles on the world stage in the last days. Both claim to have an Elijah-like mission and message to the world, yet the contrast between the two should leave no doubt as to which is God's prophetic messenger, and which is Satan's counterfeit.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734550634
ISBN-10: 1734550635
Publisher: Marigold House
Publication Date: April 11th, 2023
Pages: 154
Language: English