Set Free Your Flow (Paperback)

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Set Free Your Flow By Senol-Akin Cover Image


Set Free Your Flow is a vulnerably-moving and raw exploration of what it has meant for teacher, author and activist Selin Senol-Akin to be raised among various dichotomous, bi-cultural struggles in New York City.

The Turkish and American. The traditional and liberal. The academic and artistic. By sharing her personal experiences and observations through poetry and autobiographical essays, her 'centered view' between the opposing forces of her upbringing is a refreshing look at the often ignored socio-cultural and psychological difficulties faced by young immigrants in the United States.

From being teased in school and never being able to go on overnight vacations due to 'looming male predators', to overcoming sexual harassment; Selin uses tongue-in-cheek language to describe how she's held on to creativity for the sake of her young daughter whilst her husband became a political prisoner abroad, as well as for her own sanity.

This sequel to the acclaimed 'Write Out Your Drops' is one that will allow for you to reflect on your own self-identity, and figure out your own flow in life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734656350
ISBN-10: 1734656352
Publisher: Selin Senol-Akin
Publication Date: October 10th, 2021
Pages: 198
Language: English