Hello Mom (Paperback)

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Hello Mom By Belinda Grimbeek, Belinda Grimbeek (Illustrator) Cover Image


A sweet letter to a pregnant mother from her baby girl who is yet unseen.

Written from the perspective of a fetus, HELLO MOM is as much a description of the miracle of life, as it is an intimate message from an unborn baby to her mother.

This concept picture book weaves the different stages of a baby's development together with sweet little notes to her mother. It draws us into both the physical development of the fetus and the burgeoning development of a baby with personality, dreams, senses and so much more.

The miracle of life and the promise of a mother-daughter relationship unfolds from page to page.

To see her single cell split into two identical cells and go from there on a journey of continual growth, step by step, forming the intricacies of her uniqueness, is a marvel we watch unfolding in the secret confines of her mother's womb.

Observe the growth of a baby from the moment of conception to her birth, from what seems like an abstract molecular composition, the perfectly timed responses of cells developing and growing into a little human, is profoundly humbling and awe inspiring.

Scientific and poetic.

As glimpses of her physical growth astound, be drawn into another level of connection, anticipating the moment when she will meet her mother face to face.

HELLO MOM is the best book for pregnant mothers, a pregnancy baby book to gift an expectant mother, and the perfect baby shower book.

"A fetus in utero poetically describes her physical development in this picture book.

From genetic formation... to her debut as a newborn...The fetus discusses complex cellular processes that facilitate growth, such as how cells divide, multiply, change shape, connect, and rearrange: "Stitching and knitting, / Carefully connecting me top to bottom." ...The text is interspersed with sentiments from the narrator to her mother: "Hello Mom, I had the hiccups today. I heard you laugh." As the fetus becomes bigger, the "senses are awakening." She can breathe and swallow. With "arms and legs curled up tight, / Pushing and kicking," she relies on instinct to guide her. Soon, the baby girl faces her beaming mother. Utilizing active, rhythmic language ("Cells swirl and scatter, / Then whirl and settle"), Grimbeek offers educational insights into biological events...Some of the author's illustrations feature black-and-white anatomical images reminiscent of ultrasounds and X-rays. Others include realistic portrayals of the fetus's changing appearance and the newborn in glowing shades of pink, orange, and purple.

A lyrical and informative look at fetal development." - KIRKUS

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734766967
ISBN-10: 1734766964
Publisher: Belinda Grimbeek
Publication Date: November 25th, 2021
Pages: 44
Language: English