Q - Interpreting QAnon (Paperback)

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Q - Interpreting QAnon By Sandy Krolick Cover Image


The emergence of QAnon, an apparently novel cargo or mystery-cult, exposes the pseudo-religious nature of our current and painful socio-political struggle. The palpable theological underpinnings of Q demonstrate the frail nature of our Republic while concurrently displaying a fractured vision of the End Time (eschaton). It is in this turbulent space that wayward believers aggressively pursue insurrection and resurrection of their sanctified leader - the chosen one who will finally destroy all enemies and vindicate the faithful.

Essays comprising this brief monograph address various elements of the symbolism as well as potential impact of this graphically belligerent cultic spectacle. The Q movement betrays the fact that We the People are in the throes of a revolution with previously undreamt-of and purportedly spiritual dimensions; but it is a spirituality of false idols, cloaked in violence while attempting to supplant the legitimate cultural and political order of American life.

The signs of delusion and disillusionment here are plentiful; the implications for continuation of our culture, staggering. We have entered an era of debilitating magical thinking, fomenting and facilitated by violent action seeking to disable and destroy our democratic system of governance. It is a cult with muscular authoritarian leanings, bent on subjugating the populace while those who are politically connected reign over the masses without restraint.

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ISBN: 9781735069838
ISBN-10: 1735069833
Publisher: Islands Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2021
Pages: 54
Language: English