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The 12 Disciples of Great Men: Divine Principles for Personal, Spiritual and Business Success Exposed (Paperback)


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The 12 Disciples of Great Men: Divine Principles for Personal, Spiritual and Business Success Exposed Cover Image
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Mr. Passion lays out a blueprint for men and women to follow if they are to fulfill their God given assignment upon the earth. This book is a combination of common sense and divine revelation. The author uses imagery to help the reader understand powerful concepts like the benefit of being persistent.

As you read the 12 Disciples of Great Men, the handwriting on the wall becomes crystal clear. Like a GPS, this book allows you to locate yourself and then guides you to your pre-ordained destination. What makes this book valuable is how Mr. Passion helps you to understand what to do and what not to do.

Mr. Passion focuses on what you do have instead of what you do not have. Self-investment and self-development are necessary actions and vital steps in discovering your life's purpose. This book lends itself to practical advice taken from the lives of the twelve disciples of Christ. Characteristics including boldness, smartness, thunder, dependability, practicality, integrity, skepticism, discipline, zeal, patriotism, and frugality are essential in the development of your personal, spiritual, and business successes.

The 12 Disciples of Great Men gives those aspiring to greatness, hope and a plan to get there. This is a refreshing read embedded with realistic instructions and expectations. The 12 Disciples of Great Men is filled with practical wisdom that when applied will achieve divine greatness.

He writes that great men should emulate Jesus Christ and learn to recognize the desirable values in people and overlook the negatives, because we are all human and are only striving to be perfect; but one day we will attain perfection in Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus Christ taught nonviolence principles to his disciples and encouraged them to love their enemies. The war against injustice has now become spiritual and prayer is the only way to fight spiritual battles. Violence will not bring peace and equity, but prayer will.

He writes that the time has now come for the society to demand its citizens wake up and aspire for greatness by applying their God-given talents in service to its needy because hardly does a day pass by without the news of injustice towards the minority of the society. This book will help you fill these gaps and propel you to fulfill your destiny. He also stresses that the only way to sanitize a nation is to vote out all evil and wicked people from all positions of authority and power. And the only way to fight the war against inequality and systemic racism is a legislative service of many faithful and greatmen of the society. You can either rise, fight, and die fighting to liberate your generation, or agree to stay alive and be enslaved and oppressed, condemning your generation to eternal slavery. The choice is yours.

The great men, he states, should start from the grassroots of governance (city and county) and climb up the ladder until they get to the apex of the federal legislature, the judiciary, and the executive arms of governance. He encourages great men to declare immoral and racist acts as wrong and evil by publicly denouncing them. They should not keep silent in such situations, because if no one speaks publicly against an injustice or immoral act; they are indirectly endorsing such behavior as a new normal. He concludes and admonishes us to look around us for any act of injustice or racism, and if we observe something, we should say something The social media platform has helped in the war against injustice and racism, use it Your cellphone is your reporting tool, record it And prayer is your weapon, let us pray

Pastor Juddie Passion wishes more people to aspire and become great men, and serve to completely stamp-out injustice, oppression and racial discrimination in our societies.

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ISBN: 9781735289625
ISBN-10: 1735289620
Publisher: Ipromosmedia LLC
Publication Date: September 1st, 2020
Pages: 124
Language: English