The Dynasty of the Phoenix (Paperback)

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The Dynasty of the Phoenix Cover Image


In Rehem, Dravens soar astride ravens, eagles, dragons, or hawks known collectively as Eedon Rath-ni. They wield magic, weapons, animals within them, or use espionage to achieve goals at their discretion. Only, it has been 1,100 years since anyone has seen either. One day, a notorious terrorist, Christian Knowles, assassinates the Emperor of Iishrem. His eagle rips out the heart of the Emperor's secret dragon, revealing the existence of Magic-a secret the House of Lance had long suppressed with the indoctrination of the Phoenix. In response, Christian is championed by the land of Allirehem, and neighboring Iishrem declares war, incontrovertibly fating all future Dravens to run from their destiny in the war or fight for their very survival.

Ethan and Katie Campbell must disguise their dravenry while growing up in the heart of Iishrem as their powers develop, or risk exposure. The Campbell's discovery would ensure being drafted into the war for their potential, with slaves made of their Eedon Rath-ni. When rebellion and escape exact a tremendous personal toll on Ethan and Katie, what could be the intent of those who are able to perform the impossible, again, and rescue them to safety?

Bailey realizes she can't protect those closest to her from a heritage she shares with her father, Christian's Regal Draven Commander. When Christian's war comes for her, Bailey escapes, but not without the loss of a friend. Locating Hector, her hawk, unexpectedly missing abroad, proves a worthy new challenge, but understanding her skills and experiences, Bailey has utter confidence in herself.

Brian enjoys his nomadic lifestyle, evading his past while doing jobs as a mafia man for bosses who allow him to stay off the radar. That is until Brian loses control by turning into a tiger, is offered a spot at Christian's Academy, and then loses everything he values when the war catches up to him. The loss grinds him down, but when push comes to shove, Brian knows the beast within him will eventually come out-he simply needs to be properly coaxed. Luckily, Alyisay, a dragon with intentions of her own, has a plan to do just that and then bend him to her will. They just need to meet.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735698397
ISBN-10: 1735698393
Publisher: MindStir Media
Publication Date: November 5th, 2020
Pages: 576
Language: English