Thugs In Skirts (Paperback)

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Thugs In Skirts By Raychelle Meyers Cover Image


Trinity Woods, Scarlett Perez, Emma Banks, & Naree Gem take the U A by storm when their best friend, Bailey Brooks, commits suicide in front of their entire school. As Bailey's body sways above them all, only one thing becomes apparent ... whether it be in blood or social status, Allison Parker & her shady ass minions were going to pay. Operation #GameOnForBailey motivates Bailey's Girls to expose the baddest bitches in school and become Millionaires by Senior Year. Luckily, while grieving their dear sister at a local coffee shop, they witness a murder that entraps them with one of the coldest King Pins in the cartel game, Bennie Perez. Being forced into a life of crime inspires the girls to level up, they become the baddest of the baddest while launching their million-dollar clothing line, We Bitchin Fashion. That's right. Bailey's suicide turns meek little teenagers into revenge-seeking, business-owning, Cartel Queens. Watch these girl bosses teach a pack of female dogs that bullying isn't top-tier, & that Bailey Brooks was the poster child for whom they shouldn't have played with. This chain of events will ensure that Allison & her heathens never bully a soul again.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781735790183
ISBN-10: 1735790184
Publisher: Eat My Lyrics Publishing Company, LLC
Publication Date: July 7th, 2023
Pages: 348
Language: English