King Amadore's Garden (Paperback)

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King Amadore's Garden By Shelly E. Anderson Cover Image


In this faith-based fantasy, Prince Amadore discovers a dusty, forgotten library and an ancient book with a disconcerting prophecy. On the wall, a large tapestry portrays the strange scene of an armored stag soldier, half-man, half-creature, standing against an otherworldly background. An anomalous blue sphere hangs in the sky. Looking down, through the library window, the Prince spots a hidden-away patch of tangled overgrowth. Finding an occasion later to burrow through it, he discovers an abandoned garden, covered in vines. A stone statue, the same stag warrior, appears to stand guard. The Prince decides, "This garden is mine." As time passes, he becomes King of Ellisdaire, a great ruler. Through an unlikely circumstance, a young girl's path intersects with his, and King Amadore offers her a special task. Rena, the new caretaker of his beloved sanctuary, learns that his garden is much more than it seems, the King is more than he appears, and even the blue enigma seems to have eyes.

Shelly Anderson lives in Western Washington with her husband, Andy. They often walk the beautiful forest trails in the Pacific Northwest and love to camp. Her hobbies include jewelry design, songwriting, art in various forms, event decorating, and doing volunteer art projects with children.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737279143
ISBN-10: 1737279142
Publisher: MindStir Media
Publication Date: July 12th, 2021
Pages: 308
Language: English