The Great Retirement Mystery: How To Avoid The Six Biggest Blunders (Hardcover)

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The Great Retirement Mystery: How To Avoid The Six Biggest Blunders By Kelley Slaught Cover Image



This book is not your typical book on retirement planning. This book is my published manifesto, a public declaration of my motives and intentions to help as many people as possible achieve something of great importance: a happy and successful retirement. In these pages I do not recommend specific financial products or services. Instead, I explain a philosophy that takes the mystery out of retirement planning. The author has a philosophy behind her approach. Kelley Slaught believes each individual is different and deserves a customized retirement plan of his or her own. Prepackaged or one-size- fits-all plans are like taking jigsaw puzzle pieces and pounding them to fit into the wrong holes. That may be acceptable at some large brokerages, but we refuse to do business that way.

Retirement is something most of us have never done before, and it is a major shift both in lifestyle and in financial thinking. We are going from the accumulation phase of earning money and acquiring assets into a new income phase of living off our money. Our money has to last - well, we don't know how many years - and outliving our money is a nightmare we don't ever want to happen. This book offers solid advice on how to avoid the six biggest blunders of retirement.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737868903
ISBN-10: 1737868903
Publisher: California Wealth Advisors
Publication Date: January 4th, 2022
Pages: 114
Language: English