The Right Interview (Paperback)

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The Right Interview By Saad E. Abbas Cover Image


It is important to remember that a resume opens the door to the interview and the interview opens the door to that dream job. Many people who have created great resumes and reach the interview stage, find a way to mess everything up and destroy that opportunity to get that dream job.This book will help job seekers with the interview stage. Each interview has 3 stages and the book will cover all these stages step by step. The pre-interview stage is what you do before the interview how you prepare for the interview how you dress; do you need to prepare for the interview by creating a list of things you may say or ask during the interview?How do you respond to interview questions, what is the best answer to the questions you will be asked? Is there a one-fit answer for the questions, or do you tailor the responses according to your situation all these and more you will find in the book as it will help you with understanding the method of response.The third step is what you do after the interview. Also, as many organizations have started employing people through virtual interviews, this book will help you learn what to do during a virtual interview and how to conduct one's self. Understanding all these things is important. You have a higher success rate by entering an interview and being prepared. And not just saying or doing anything. Remember in an exam if you study well you get an A if you don't study you get an F. this book will help you get that A you have always wanted.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781739215927
ISBN-10: 1739215923
Publisher: Gulf Book Services Ltd
Publication Date: December 20th, 2022
Pages: 60
Language: English