The Forbidden Man: The Legends of Lainjin, Book Two (Paperback)

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The Forbidden Man: The Legends of Lainjin, Book Two By Gerald R. Knight Cover Image


The prequel to Man Shark, this is the story of Lainjin's outrigger search for his mother, who was lost at sea in a typhoon the moon after his birth. The Pacific is an enormous expanse; how is he to find her amid all the possibilities? How does he even know if she survived? His search leads him to Pohnpei and the famous stone village of Nan Madol, where he faces distractions but is befriended by survivors of her lost fleet. They lead him across the treacherous equator where the trade winds of the northern and southern hemispheres join in breathless calm. At great personal expense, they show him where they saw her last.

Be ready for an emotional journey as Lainjin travels back in space and time to the pre-historic home of his ancestors and meets his destiny awash with blood, loyalty, and ignoble revenge.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781771805087
ISBN-10: 1771805080
Publisher: Iguana Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2022
Pages: 362
Language: English