Indian Independence and British Parliament 1946: Volume II (Paperback)

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Indian Independence and British Parliament 1946: Volume II Cover Image
By Naseem Ahmed Bajwa (Editor)


The first volume of this series covered 1947. Now, in this second volume, we take a step back and focus on 1946.

The said year, unfortunately for the Indian sub-continent, saw the beginning of the end. The last ditch efforts to keep India united, at the end of the British rule, failed. Never before in human history had a whole sub-continent, home to almost quarter of mankind, protracted negotiations led to division in two parts only because of the mischief of one word and that fateful word was "grouping". How did this single, otherwise harmless, word play such a pivotal and crucial role, in human history with catastrophic consequences? The events of 1946 would be of as much interest to historians as playwrights who could write many plays on the events of 1946 which were as dramatic as the Greek tragedies.

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ISBN: 9781786235534
ISBN-10: 1786235536
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
Publication Date: November 11th, 2019
Pages: 638
Language: English