Hydrogen-Bonding Research in Photochemistry, Photobiology, and Optoelectronic Materials (Hardcover)

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Hydrogen-Bonding Research in Photochemistry, Photobiology, and Optoelectronic Materials By Keli Han (Editor), Guangjiu Zhao (Editor) Cover Image
By Keli Han (Editor), Guangjiu Zhao (Editor)


As one of the typical intermolecular interactions, hydrogen-bonding plays a significant role in molecular structure and function. When the hydrogen bond research system is connected with the photon, the hydrogen-bonding effect turns to an excited-state one influencing photochemistry, photobiology, and photophysics. Thus, the hydrogen bond in an excited state is a key topic for understanding the excited-state properties, especially for optoelectronic or luminescent materials.The approaches presented in this book include quantum chemical calculation, molecular dynamics simulation and ultrafast spectroscopy, which are strong tools to investigate the hydrogen bond. Unlike other existing titles, this book combines theoretical calculations and experiments to explore the nature of excited-state hydrogen bonds. By using these methods, more details and faster processes involved in excited-state dynamics of hydrogen bond are explored.This highly interdisciplinary book provides an overview of leading hydrogen bond research. It is essential reading for faculties and students in researching photochemistry, photobiology and photophysics, as well as novel optoelectronic materials, fluorescence probes and photocatalysts. It will also guide research beginners to getting a quick start within this field.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781786346070
ISBN-10: 1786346079
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Publication Date: March 25th, 2019
Pages: 456
Language: English