100 Arpeggio Licks for Shred Guitar: Picking, Sweeping and Tapping Licks in the Styles of The Guitar Masters (Paperback)

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100 Arpeggio Licks for Shred Guitar: Picking, Sweeping and Tapping Licks in the Styles of The Guitar Masters By Chris Brooks, Joseph Alexander, Tim Pettingale (Editor) Cover Image


Discover the Shred Guitar Arpeggio Licks that Defined a Generation

Discover how to turn arpeggios into creative licks, while learning the language of 10 iconic rock guitarists.

Are you ready to get creative with rock guitar arpeggios?

100 Arpeggio Licks for Shred Guitar is a ground-breaking rock guitar method that reveals exactly how your favourite shredders turn arpeggios into explosive signature licks that rip up the guitar neck.

Arpeggio guitar licks add firepower to the vocabulary of many of the world's greatest guitarists and in 100 Arpeggio Licks for Shred Guitar, Chris Brooks teaches you the sounds, styles and secrets of 10 ground-breaking guitarists... along with all the technique you need to play virtuoso-level arpeggio licks.

You'll master 10 blazing licks in the style of each of these iconic virtuosos:

Yngwie Malmsteen Paul Gilbert Frank Gambale Steve Morse Jason Becker Michael Romeo Vinnie Moore Marty Friedman Nuno Bettencourt Greg Howe

... and what's even better is that each lick connects to the next to build 10 jaw-dropping performance etudes that teach you to link phrases musically and become a shred guitar superstar.

The Perfect Method for Shred Guitar Arpeggio Playing

● 100 iconic "in the style of" licks

● Complete technical breakdown of every example - right down to the individual pick-strokes

● A comprehensive guide to moving from boring arpeggios to creative, unpredictable lines

● 120 tracks of audio examples, etudes and backing tracks to make the language come alive

Most importantly, you'll discover this vocabulary in the same musical situations as each player would apply them.

Learn Dynamic Rock Guitar Solos Using Arpeggio-Based Vocabulary

In this carefully designed book, the licks from each chapter combine to form complete solos in the style of every player. You'll master the arpeggios that fit over every type of chord to understand the true application of arpeggio concepts.

Every single exercise and lick was recorded both fast and slow, so you can learn them along with the tracks and never miss a beat.

Bonus 1: Includes artist profiles, a complete rig rundown of their main guitars/amps/effects, and tips on getting their tone.

Bonus 2: 10 original studio-quality backing tracks for each chapter.

From Yngwie to Nuno, 100 Arpeggio Licks for Shred Guitar quickly teaches you the language of the rock guitar gods and helps you apply it all musically in your own playing.

Dive in and buy it now.

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Publication Date: October 23rd, 2020
Pages: 96
Language: English