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Stock Market Investing For Beginners 2021: A Guide to Start Investing in the Stock Market, Learn the Basics, How to Buy your First Stock and Make your (Paperback)


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Stock Market Investing For Beginners 2021: A Guide to Start Investing in the Stock Market, Learn the Basics, How to Buy your First Stock and Make your Cover Image
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This book is a layman introduction to investing and stock markets in detail.

We will learn about different stocks that are listed in the New York stock exchange with the help of strategies that can be applied.

We will also a lot of terminology that are dealt with stock markets.

This book basically is for beginners and has a very easy terminology unlike professional stock marketing books which use different words that will make beginners understanding tough.

We will discuss about different stock options like feature and lists that are available.

We will also have a lot of discussion about technical analysis and k-line that will help us analyze the stocks using different methods.

We will also have a deep explanation on how to choose a best stock.

We will explain with different elements that will determine the stock value like the political situations.

Stock market can be easily understood if dealt with simpleness. We will give that in this book.

Below we explain the most important topics that are discussed in detail in no particular order.

- We will start with an introduction to stock and stock exchange. We will discuss about a list of stock exchanges that are available. We will also know about a lot of stock trading terminology

- Then we will move forward where we will discuss about different type of stocks and ratios that are available. We will also see examples of the real-world trade.

- The next section will describe about strategies that can be used in stock market to investing. We will have a lot of discussion about successful trade strategies and the right way of buying stock

- Next parts of the book will describe about the technical analysis part where we will have a look at k-line and other analysis methods that will help to understand and predict the stock exchange.

- We will also deal with risks involving with stock market. This is what is we will learn in this book.

What are you waiting for? Dive and learn more about these terms in detail. Have a happy read.

...Don't worry if you have never operated in this world, this is the guide you need to get started...

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801111386
ISBN-10: 1801111383
Publisher: Digital Company Sp Ltd
Publication Date: October 15th, 2020
Pages: 140
Language: English