Dr. Sebi Diet: The Complete Nutritional Guide to Plant-Based Alkaline Diet.Cookbook with 83 Recipes to Detox your Body, Liver Cleansi (Paperback)


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Dr. Sebi Diet: The Complete Nutritional Guide to Plant-Based Alkaline Diet.Cookbook with 83 Recipes to Detox your Body, Liver Cleansi Cover Image


DR.SEBI Diet with easy 83 recipes

Do you want to lower the risk of diseases? Do you want a diet that will help you lose weight while reducing the risk of hypertension? You will find these recipes in this book. Read on.

Dr. Sebi Diet is a plant-based alkaline diet. It helps to rejuvenate the cells in your body by getting rid of the toxic waste. The bulk of the diet is made up of a shortlist of foods along with supplements. Dr. Sebi's diet also helps in conditions like lupus, AIDS, kidney disease, and other diseases. The treatments for these diseases require you to eat only certain grains, fruits, and veggies, and strictly abstaining from animal products.This is a very low protein diet, and that's what makes Dr. Sebi's supplements so important. You cannot have soy or animal products, lentils, or beans. You have several different options when it comes to Dr. Sebi's supplement choices.

Dr. Sebi's research found that diseases can grow when the mucous membrane is compromised. For example, if your bronchial tubes have too much mucus, the person is diagnosed with bronchitis. If the mucus is in the lungs, then they have pneumonia. When it moves to the pancreatic duct, they have diabetes. All of the compounds in the African Bio-mineral Balance are made up of natural plants, which make it alkaline. This is very important in reversing these pathologies because diseases are only able to live in acidic environments. It doesn't make sense to use inorganic compounds to treat diseases because they are acidic. The consistent use of natural remedies will detoxify and cleanse a diseased body and will bring it back to its alkaline state.

Dr. Sebi's nutrition system takes things a step further. Besides getting rid of years of toxin build-up, the African Bio-mineral Balance will replace all of the depleted minerals and will rejuvenate any cell tissue that has been damaged by acid. The main organs that it helps are the colon, kidneys, lymph glands, gall bladder, liver, and skin. When the toxins are released from one of these organs, they will move through the body and manifest in disease. Eventually, the body will start to attack the weakest organ because it is unable to get rid of the toxin. The colon is probably one of the most important organs and needs to be cleansed before diseases can be reversed.

Since you will be consuming a large number of fruits and veggies, it provides your body with many health benefits. Diets that are rich in fruits and veggies have been connected to less oxidative stress and reduced inflammation and can help to protect you from many different diseases.

Dr. Sebi's diet will also have you eating healthy fats and fiber-rich whole grains. All of these foods are connected to a lower risk of heart disease. Plus, you will be limiting those horrible processed foods, which is connected to better overall diet quality.

The goal of this book is simple: To teach you how to follow Dr. Sebi's Diet and keep diseases at bay and be healthy in life.

Other things You will also learn in the book include:

  • The Doctor Sebi Diet and Food Principles
  • The Doctor Sebi Diet and Weight Loss
  • How to Naturally Reverse Your Diabetes: Dr. Sebi Natural Food Guide to End Diabetes
  • Strategies of Dr. Sebi's High Blood Pressure Diet and Approved Products
  • Doctor Sebi Inspired Recipes
  • 21-day meal plan and meal prep for rapid weight loss with Dr. Sebi diet

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ISBN: 9781801119979
ISBN-10: 180111997X
Publisher: Giovanni Tortora
Publication Date: October 12th, 2020
Pages: 146
Language: English