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Option and Day Trading for Beginners: Best strategies to learn options and day trading. QUICK book for beginners to start creating passive income. Liv (Hardcover)


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Option and Day Trading for Beginners: Best strategies to learn options and day trading. QUICK book for beginners to start creating passive income. Liv Cover Image
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Do you want to discover the unique "Legal" method that will make you understand Trading in just 17 days to create a profit ranging from 10% to 788% on your next investment with the sole method in the world "Warren Kratter Solution" which brought 1578 people from beginners to successful traders just in the first 5 months of 2020?

You may be wondering how it is possible to have such a big variation from 10% to 788%...

But that's exactly what happened. In fact, among the 1578 people, we find Alex (employee who worked 12 hours a day in a restaurant) who brought home 10% of profit before using the method...

but after applying the teachings of this book in the right way, he reached the unbelievable 788% on the next investment.

How did Alex manage to reach the striking 788% figure?

The answer to this question is written inside the pages of this book...

What you are holding in your hands right now, is NOT a simple intro...

It's a precious first-class ticket...with your name written on it for that train that many say passes ONLY once.

In this case, it is certainly true...

Considering that, AT THIS MOMENT ( I don't know for how long) many opportunities have opened up in the market. It is known that it is specifically in times of global crisis that individuals with knowledge can make excellent deals in the Forex and the Stock market. And thanks to my instructions you will be able to take advantage of the biggest world economic crisis after 1929.

Just like I did back in 2009. When starting from scratch, I managed to aggressively enter the markets "like a lion attacking a gazelle" with the Options and Day trading systems.

Bringing over $ 117,000 home. Having half the information written in this book.


It wasn't that simple at first...

Initially I took many risks even though I had studied more than 55 books and thought I knew what I was doing. But the results showed me exactly the contrary ...

During the first year, I lost all the money invested and I no longer could eat two hot meals a day.

So I asked myself why. And I found the answer in the mindset, as I didn't have the energy to attract money. Therefore, I started to change my mind and I decided to embrace the values of money that the rich people have, and I never gave up.

And from there my life has completely changed...

For this reason, you will often find mindset resources in the book as well as plenty of trading notions that will lead you to make excellent results in Trading, such as those achieved by Alex who has now left his job and lives 90% of his day without worries. Simply by applying these concepts that you will find in the book:

  • Passive Income Trading
  • All Forex Trading Concept
  • Option Trading Basic
  • Type of Options
  • Risk Managment
  • Brokers and Trading Platform
  • Option Trading Strategies
  • Technical analysis
  • Mindset
  • Trading Psychology
  • Rules for successful trading
  • How day trading works
  • Find stocks for trades
  • Tips for success.......and more
  • ...And much more

Now it's up to you to decide whether to stay among the people who will lose money because of the crisis...

Or be the person who uses all the potential we have at the moment in the market and change your life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801251747
ISBN-10: 1801251746
Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab
Publication Date: December 9th, 2020
Pages: 234
Language: English