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Speak French: Typical French way of saying and sentences to use in your daily life and speak like a native; Includes cultural habits (Paperback)


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Speak French: Typical French way of saying and sentences to use in your daily life and speak like a native; Includes cultural habits Cover Image


You Are About To Find The Easy, Practical And Painless Way Of Learning French That You've Been Looking For

Maybe you've just completed organizing your trip to Paris, Cannes, or somewhere in the Pacific Ocean...

Or perhaps you recently got employed in a predominantly French-speaking company, or just received a set of French-speaking employees or co-workers at your company...

Perhaps you're looking to do something a little more critical to impress your French girlfriend or boyfriend

Or simply want to add French to your list of languages that you can speak, for whatever personal or professional reason

Whatever the situation you're in, or what your goal is, it's very unfortunate that there's no method out there of learning to speak French overnight.

Getting to a level of proficiency or fluency in French generally involves a lot of hard work and many hours put into the practice.

Sad, right?


That shouldn't shatter your dreams of getting along with your French friends or partner, coworkers or employees; making small conversations with a French waitress or even being able to mingle with a few natives during your trip to French speaking countries.

Not when there's a solution so close to you

The book, Speak French is here to give you an ingenious way of getting around the common hurdle of learning French for people who don't have all the patience, the hours or the motivation to follow through with a long course (like sitting in a formal class) from scratch.

So what does it offer, you ask?

This book goes directly to the everyday life situations, and teaches you how to come to grips with them and yourself like a true native. So, it's not only a collection of common sentences of what to say in different settings but also the cultural habits and excellent tips on how to behave in various situations.

What could be better than that?

So if questions like...

How do I improve my French accent?

What do I say in some of the most common settings, without sounding robotic?

How do I perfect my French?

And others are going through your mind, you are in luck because this book addresses all those directly and indirectly to enable you master your French the easy way

Here's a little bit of what you'll find in the book:
  • Basic French greetings, goodbyes and slang
  • How to speak French in different settings including at the restaurant, hotel, hospital and pharmacy
  • How to use French to ask directions, get around and more
  • A dictionary of common often used simple French sentences
  • How to speak French in a new country to ask about traditions, taxes, cars, the laws, penalties and fines, a gym, supermarket, daycares, medical insurance, postal services, subscriptions etc.
  • How to sharpen your French listening and speaking skills

...and so MUCH MORE

Indeed, the approach in this book is practical and straight to the point, teaching you French by speaking French in all manner of situations.

So even if you've tried learning French before with little or no success, this book's approach will see you speaking basic and intermediate French sooner than you thought possible

Don't wait...

Click Buy Now to get started

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801577120
ISBN-10: 1801577129
Publisher: DuPont Language Institute
Publication Date: December 31st, 2020
Pages: 174
Language: English