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Trucking Business Startup: All You Need to Know to Start, Run, and Scale a Extremely Profitable Trucking Company (Paperback)


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Trucking Business Startup: All You Need to Know to Start, Run, and Scale a Extremely Profitable Trucking Company Cover Image


Are you interested in setting up your own trucking business?
  • Have you spent many years working in the trucking business and decided now is the right time to branch out and set up your own company?
  • Have you recently moved into the trucking business, but have finances and ideas on how the business would run better if you were in charge?
  • Have you never worked in the trucking business before, but you have heard it is a solid area of work to set up your own business in and you need guidance on how to do so?

If any of those statements sound like you, then Trucking Business Startup is a book that you cannot afford to miss, or you risk making simple mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars

Isn't it worth investing in yourself now, to make sure that you don't have to pay out ten times more in the future, because you passed on learning the vital content found in this book?

This go-to source for anything and everything related to setting up your own trucking business is a book that you will not read once and place to one side.

The guidance within will support you in all aspects of your business and be a source of information you will constantly refer back to..

Inside Trucking Business Startup, discover:

An overview of the trucking industry

● The factors that impact the trucking industry

● What you need to get started

● How to identify your niche

The best way to create your fleet

● How to launch your trucking business

● The importance of having a business plan

Ways to finance your trucking business

● The day-to-day administration that is involved with a trucking business

● How to build a good working relationship with your drivers

Ways to market your business

And much, much more

So, if you have any interest in starting your own trucking business, you cannot afford to miss out on this book

Grab a copy today. Become your own boss and a glowing success

Product Details
ISBN: 9781802678093
ISBN-10: 1802678093
Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab Ltd Publisher
Publication Date: May 5th, 2021
Pages: 166
Language: English