Eternal China: 99 Essential Poems on Chinese Culture Bilingual Edition (Hardcover)

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Eternal China: 99 Essential Poems on Chinese Culture Bilingual Edition By Jiahui Cheng Cover Image
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This poetry collection (99 poems in total) takes Chinese culture as the theme. The poems cover cultures both national and personal, and highlight Chinese traditional culture and history, and the personal culture, experience, thinking and emotion of the author as a Chinese. Most of the poems are in modern style, and some are in ancient style or with new rhymes. According to the nature and characteristics of poetry, based on the “Three Beauties (beauty in sense; beauty in sound and beauty in form)” in poetry translation advocated by Mr. Xu Yanchong, one of the most distinguished Chinese poetry translators, the poetry creation and translation in this collection have taken one more beauty into consideration, namely, “beauty in emotion” by means of interpreting emotional beauty of poetry with simplicity and true feelings. The publication of this poetry collection aims to introduce Chinese culture overseas in a new way, and, meanwhile, provide reference for overseas readers to understand different Chinese poetry styles, poetry emotions, poetry thinking. and art of creation. In addition, readers can also experience the similarities and differences, fun and charm of Chinese and English cultures from the aspect of the translation from Chinese to English. 

About the Author

Cheng Jiahui (1962 -), a native of Baise, Guangxi, China, a poet, poetry translator, and professor of English of Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities, presides over the study of the Project of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education of China, The Study of English Translation of Liang Zongdai's Poems, some of which have been published periodically in the American Better Than Starbucks Poetry Magazine. His translation, 100 Selected English Translations of Chinese Classical Ancient Poems, has been published by American Academic Press. He is now head of the Liang Zongdai Research Center, an expert in the Guangxi Development Strategy Research Association.
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ISBN: 9781844645930
ISBN-10: 1844645932
Publisher: Paths International Ltd.
Publication Date: July 31st, 2020
Pages: 162
Language: English