Dissolving the Mindstream: Withdrawing Name & Form in Meditation (Paperback)

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Dissolving the Mindstream: Withdrawing Name & Form in Meditation By Babaji Bob Kindler Cover Image


A deep exploration of the practical, metaphysical, philosophical, and spiritual processes involved in true meditation. Taking the traditional Yoga and Vedanta perspective that the universe has come from the mind, and that meditation should lead to absorption in the nondual Self, Babaji Bob Kindler explains the method of dissolving the mindstream with the help of charts and a guided meditation. A useful resource containing Babaji's commentary on all the charts designed for this teaching, and many related charts, he takes the reader from basic concepts pertaining to the nature of objective phenomena, to subtle philosophical points, and culminates with an example of an actual dissolution meditation in prose.

..".if the Mindstream can effectively be dissolved, so too will all the defects in the mind."

"Dissolution of the Mindstream is really what is taking place at the foundation of all other practices associated with spiritual life...."

Product Details
ISBN: 9781891893148
ISBN-10: 1891893149
Publisher: SRV Associations
Publication Date: January 15th, 2014
Pages: 130
Language: English