Introduction to Shi'a Islam: The Islamic Vision of Life (Paperback)

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Introduction to Shi'a Islam: The Islamic Vision of Life By Abbas Al Humaid Cover Image


I believe that we all have intriguing views of life - views that must be honored and that we must be happy to share with the world around us.It is for this reason that I produced this booklet, which serves as an introduction to Shi'a Muslims and what I understand of their view of the Islamic vision of life and human society. I have produced it in accordance with the teachings of their Imams and the contemporary writings of their prominent and renowned scholars, which Shi'a Muslims abide by in their practices and traditions."SAID ABOUT THE BOOK"I read the book and it delighted me with its precise and concise content." Dr. Mohammed Saleem al Awa"A great book that highlighted the essential unity of Islam with the school of the Shia Muslims. Demonstrating the stability of its foundations and pillars and the greatness of its principles and values, emphasizing its bright historic image, mixed with the marvelous clear thought and abundant intellectual and spiritual heritage of the Prophet Mohammed and his close household; Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain. Because of this thoughtful work, the book shined in a halo of the Holy Quran and organized with the beautiful Prophetic guidance. None of that came as a surprise, since the author has a charming pen and fertile thought. Allah bless him for this great work."Sayed/ Muneer al Khabbaz"This book, by Abbas Al Humaid is a step in the path of mutual understanding, and a seed that shall grow with the blessing of honest work to become a good tree, may Allah will that. We hope this book, and similar work, find its way to its targeted goals. Let us build the bridges that we, so long, unwittingly demolished, and let us raise the glory of a nation, some of its individuals worked to bury."Shaikh/ Haider Hoballah.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781912275243
ISBN-10: 1912275244
Publisher: Abbas Ali Mahmood
Publication Date: July 21st, 2017
Pages: 124
Language: English