Celestial Goddess Rising: Awaken to the Celestial Realms & Ignite the Sacred Fire of Your Soul (Paperback)

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Celestial Goddess Rising: Awaken to the Celestial Realms & Ignite the Sacred Fire of Your Soul By Katy Sloane Cover Image


Prepare to unleash the light warrior within.

There is a formidable Goddess energy rising into the collective consciousness right now. We stand at a pivotal point in the history of Earth, where we must choose to spiritually evolve in order to shift into the next stage of human consciousness.

Celestial Goddess Rising brings powerful revelations of hidden ancient truths that will allow your consciousness to expand and blossom. As you open your eyes to a world of angels, archangels and celestial guides you will awaken to the magic of the Cosmos, accelerating your spiritual growth and shifting you on to your highest path.

As you journey through the pages of this book, you will hear incredible stories of Katy's personal interactions with angels and celestial beings. Through sacred activations and simple practices, you will begin to awaken to your multi-dimensional self.

This book will give you a broader perspective of the ethereal realms and the celestial beings that are collectively helping humanity as we rise into the next golden age and anchor in a new earth of peace and unity.

There is an army of archangels and celestial beings waiting to assist you ... so what are you waiting for?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781914447655
ISBN-10: 1914447654
Publisher: Tgh; The Good House
Publication Date: October 31st, 2022
Pages: 276
Language: English