Advances in Robotics and Optimization Approach in Engineering (Paperback)

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Advances in Robotics and Optimization Approach in Engineering Cover Image
By Dilip Kumar Bagal (Editor), Abhishek Barua (Editor)


This book focuses on questions of importance from the point of view of robotics and optimization for interested beginners, scholars and researchers. It consists of thirteen chapters under three main themes. This book examines the actual implementation of service automation technologies via robotic process automation and cognitive automation techniques. This newest and extensive research demonstrates that automation is developing, maturing and rising in global businesses.

The first chapter focuses on robotics foundations, describing the basic concepts and techniques necessary to build a robotic system. The robot is a non-linear coupling system owing to the complicated dynamics. Besides movement control, management of the interactive forces between the robot and the environment is required for the handling or interaction with people. Recent progress has been made in cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology during the second phase of robotic process automation. The last section of the book also covers sophisticated methods for optimization in different mechanical applications.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781922617187
ISBN-10: 1922617180
Publisher: Central West Publishing
Publication Date: October 15th, 2021
Pages: 418
Language: English