History of the Tartars: The Flower of Histories of the East (Hardcover)

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History of the Tartars: The Flower of Histories of the East By Het'um the Historian, Robert Bedrosian (Translator) Cover Image


The first modern English translation of The History of the Tartars.

The History of the Tartars first appeared in 1307 in the city of Poitiers. Book I is a geographical survey of fourteen countries of Asia and the Near East. Book II is a brief account of Muslim military history, including the rise of the Saljuqs and Khwarazmians. Book III describes the early history of the Mongols and Mongol warfare in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Book IV contains Het'um's suggestions to Pope Clement V on initiating a crusade to retake Jerusalem and parts of Cilician Armenia, Lebanon and Syria. With Book IV, Het'um's History enters the ranks of Crusader literature, but with the difference that its author, rather than being a pious and limited cleric, was instead a successful and influential general and tactician.

Het'um, was the son of prince Oshin, lord of Korikos in the Kingdom of Cilician Armenia, and nephew of King Het'um I (1226-69) and the kingdom's Constable, Smbat Sparapet (commander-in-chief).

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ISBN: 9781925937534
ISBN-10: 1925937534
Publisher: Sophene
Publication Date: May 18th, 2021
Pages: 168
Language: English