When It Happens to You . . . (Paperback)

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They're strong, passionate poems... The love poems are plangent, beautiful and somehow painful... these poems are] alive and pulsing with human feeling unmediated by anything outside the experience they convey... - Rhina Espaillat ...a personal style of writing that is instantly recognizable as uniquely hers... the collection] is at base ambiguous . . . but simultaneously clear and concrete... there isn't a poor poem, or even a mediocre one... - Lewis Turco In it String Theory] there is singing, there is dancing to freedom, dancing to the bondage of the self. - Emmanuel Sigauke Munyori Reviews The poems in Alice Teeter's String Theory are both playful and daring, integrating the concrete, natural world with the emotional forces of our everyday existence. - Mindy Kronenberg, Book/Mark Quartertly Review.
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ISBN: 9781932842357
ISBN-10: 1932842357
Publisher: Star Cloud Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2009
Pages: 92
Language: English