Freedom's Rush II: More Tales from the Biker and the Beast (Paperback)

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Freedom's Rush II: More Tales from the Biker and the Beast By Foster Kinn Cover Image
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The best bike is the one you're on,

The best road is the one you're traveling,

The best destination is wherever you're headed,

The best time to get there is whenever you arrive.

Dwight Bernard Mikkelsen

Freedom's Rush II: More Tales from the Biker and the Beast has Foster Kinn completing his mission to ride "the Beast," his trusty motorcycle, through all fifty states. Encountering all sorts of characters along the way, Kinn relates what it's like to just ride--to rid for the "helluvit," to ride becasue it brings you places you would have never travelled to otherise. Af times thoughtful and poetic, Kinn is at his philosophic, hilarious best. You will want to get on your bike and ride.

Reading Foster Kinn is like Bill Bryson meets Easy Rider--it's a funny, wild and unpredictable ride worth every minute you'll spend on it. Aaron Heinrich, Publisher and Editor of Asphalt & Dirt

Foster Kinn wakes you up like a rush of cool, open air. You'll laugh at his mishaps, yet marvel at his commentary asides that are as keen and edifying as his back-roads jaunts. Ronald Joseph Kule, Author/Biographer

Foster Kinn is simply the greatest stream of consciousness biker philosopher on the planet today. He's a Renaissance man on a Harley. Jefe Smith, Author of Life, America and the Road

Reading Freedom's Rush is like listening to a master storyteller regale you with tales from the road. Kinn has earned his place as one of America's great narrative writers. Marc Teatum, co-author of The Biker Story Series, published by Blockhead Press

Foster Kinn artistically blends humor with his amazing ability to describe the ride, the roads, the scenes, and the tremendous joy filling his soul. Gonzo Gonzalez, Chairman of the Southern California Motorcycling Association

If this book doesn't make you want to get on a bike and explore this land, nothing will; and if you can't do it yourself, "riding bitch" with Kinn is the next best thing. Gary Gardner, Author and Columnist for Quick Throttle Magazine

I found countless instances about being a biker and riding I could relate to. Big Badge Velasquez, Co-Founder and CEO of Bikers4Books

If I ever write a non-fiction biker book, I want it to read like Kinn's.Troy Mason, author of the IRON KINGZ outlaw biker series

Product Details
ISBN: 9781936449880
ISBN-10: 1936449889
Publisher: Banyan Tree Press
Publication Date: March 14th, 2017
Pages: 306
Language: English
Series: Freedom's Rush