The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 11 (Paperback)

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The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 11 By Aneko Yusagi Cover Image


Having claimed his victory at the coliseum tournament, Naofumi successfully frees the demi-human slaves to return to their village. When they arrive back at the village, Naofumi receives news on the whereabouts of Motoyasu, the Spear Hero. In order to capture him, Naofumi organizes a manhunt, but it leads him to a scene of carnage involving the Sword Hero, Motoyasu, and Bitch.

"If that's all you can say to your friends that believed in you . . . You're not worthy of being called a hero. You're not even worthy of being called a human "

Faced with an unchanged Sword and Spear Hero, Naofumi completely loses it In the midst of all of this, assassins after Naofumi's life suddenly appear, and everything spirals out of control The time to cut past ties has finally come in volume eleven of this otherworld revenge fantasy ?
Product Details
ISBN: 9781944937461
ISBN-10: 1944937463
Publisher: One Peace Books
Publication Date: June 12th, 2018
Pages: 400
Language: English