The Darkslayer Omnibus (Series 1 Boxed Set, Books 1 thru 6) (Hardcover)

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The Darkslayer Omnibus (Series 1 Boxed Set, Books 1 thru 6) By Craig Halloran Cover Image


#1 International Best Seller Epic Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery

Don't miss out on this one of a kind collectible The bestselling Darkslayer series is one of the greatest sword and sorcery tales of all time It's hardback. It's 8.5" X 11" That's huge It's an 880 page romp through the wastelands. This hardback edition is a full Five pounds of fury It features an eye-popping artwork gallery of the villain's and heroes. If you're a fan of Craig Halloran and The Darkslayer, then this is a must have for your collection. But beware, because someone is going to want to steal it from you.

Bish is the land of constant strife and turmoil created by Trinos, a bored immortal.

The rise and fall of the blazing suns make the days long and the people disagreeable. Its barren Outlands are as comforting as a bed of thorns as there is little sanctuary to be found in the sweltering forests or the dank caves below the ground. Its caviling cities are overrun with death, greed and corruption, but few complain. It is a place where tempers flare and alliances last as long as a tankard of ale. It is a place where the women are as beautiful as they are scarred and deranged. A place where good doesn't thrive, it endures. It is the land of fight or die.

Enter Venir the incorrigible, a fierce warrior, who has been secretly keeping the underling forces at bay for years. He is the Darkslayer, a man possessed by a mantle of power he cannot let go. Enter Melegal the resilient, a crafty rogue, and Venir's reluctant shadow. Enter the underlings, a purely evil race of sadistic killers bent on the destruction of mankind. Enter the humans, a greedy, self-absorbed race of shameless survivors. Enter the orcs, halfling's, dwarves, ogres and other races, some good, some bad, all caught in the maelstrom of treachery and seduction.

How will they survive to fight another day? Only Bish knows.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781946218421
ISBN-10: 1946218421
Publisher: Two-Ten Book Press
Publication Date: December 7th, 2017
Pages: 882
Language: English