The Wizard Strikes Twice: The Twith Logue Chronicles (Paperback)

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The Wizard Strikes Twice: The Twith Logue Chronicles By Kenneth G. Old, Patty Old West Cover Image


Frightened, they sent for Beyonder children to help. Those who come must always tell the truth. Although those children haven't yet arrived, the Little People, or Twith, are celebrating their victory in escaping detection.

But now, the Wizard sets in motion an even more brilliant plan and doesn't intend to suffer defeat again. In the Wizard Strikes Twice you will find out how a birthday party gets turned topsyturvy and what trickery the Wizard uses to achieve his goals. The Twith realize they will need to take the battle into their homeland, but they must find a way through the invisible curtain that the Wizard put up all along the borders. Dayko's Rime, a poem written by the old high seer, gives clues to what must happen before the Twith can win the victory. Much of it remains a mystery, and the Twith enlist the help of Gumpa's brother to resolve some of that.

When the Wizard Strikes Twice, you will fear for what might happen to these vulnerable tiny folk. Will they be able to overcome the wiles of the powerful Wizard or will they find themselves at his mercy?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781948282536
ISBN-10: 1948282534
Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing
Publication Date: March 9th, 2018
Pages: 228
Language: English